Adamson Point Series

Adamson Point Series

Adamson’s Point Series is designed to outperform all other conventional 2-way enclosures on the market. Combining our proprietary Kevlar cone designs with our highly engineered acoustic waveguides ensures that there is no trade-off needed when seeking high power and seamless coverage. Flexibility is also a key factor with the Point Series, as all waveguides are easily rotatable and each loudspeaker comes with a wide variety of suspension options. RAL colour matching is also available throughout the series to ensure that all installation requirements can be met.

Point 8

The Point 8 is the smallest member of the Point Series family, yet it packs a lot of punch for its size. It will be right at home with speech systems or moderate level playback systems, but is still powerful enough to take on jazz bands and other lighter live music.

At its heart lies a single Adamson 8” ND8-LM Kevlar Neodymium Driver, and 1” Exit HF driver mounted on an Adamson fiberglass waveguide. The point 8’s rotatable 90° x 60° waveguide offers a defined coverage pattern, and its hexagonal shape allows use as a monitor without any additional adjustments.


Point 12

The Point 12 is the most versatile of the Point Series and offers both high fidelity and high SPL handling. The Point 12 is recommended where high SPL is needed with a moderate amount of low frequency energy. Users of the Point 12 can take on just about any task, whether it be replay systems, live bands or speech systems. Its smaller size makes it a compact alternative to the Point 15, where maximum low frequency output isn’t needed.

The Point 12 is available in both passive and active(bi-amped) versions. The first Adamson 12” Kevlar Neodymium design, the ND12-L Kevlar Neodymium driver, and 1.4” exit HF driver mounted on an Adamson fiberglass waveguide, give this remarkable cabinet its power.


Point 15

The Point 15 is the largest cabinet of the Point Series range. It bridges the gap between high power and high fidelity, and should be the choice where high SPL and strong low mid power are a must. The Point 15 will be right at home with live bands of all genres, DJs and high level replay systems.

The Point 15 is available in passive and active(bi-amped) versions. This 15” driver is identical to the driver used in the popular M15 and M215 – Adamson’s M Series of stage monitors and drum-fill enclosures. The ND15-L is powerful enough to provide monitoring for performers at a 100,000 person outdoor rock show, it can without a doubt keep up with everything one might need to do in most indoor venues, be it as the main system or as a fill box in large sized venues. This, paired with the 1.4” exit HF driver mounted on an Adamson fiberglass waveguide, give this powerful loudspeaker coherency and musicality that is unparalleled.


Point 115 Sub

The Point 115 Sub has been designed to complement the Point 8 enclosure; its width matching the height of the Point 8 – it can be horizontally mounted under the Point 115 Sub. The Point 115 Sub can also be used as a stand-alone product, paired with your existing system to supplement any missing bottom-end. This Active / Passive subwoofer is extremely light weight – 38.5 lbs without crossover, and 43.5 lbs with a crossover. The Point 115 Sub is also available with all SLR ™ rigging systems for the Point Series, thus arraying the enclosure is a breeze in any set-up, in any venue. The Point 115 Sub’s power source is Adamson’s famous 15” ND15-S Driver, which is also used in the Adamson Metrix Line Array Series Sub. This little beast can keep bottom-end up in any small to medium venue with light live material such as Jazz, Instrumental, Ambient, Bluegrass, Folk or Speeches, or as a superior playback system in clubs, restaurants, bars, gyms and public spaces. Combined with the Point 8 enclosure, this systems delivers clarity and warmth to any venue where atmosphere is vital.


Point 215 Sub

The Point 215 Sub has been designed to complement the larger Point Series 2-way enclosures; it encompasses 2x ultra powerful 15” Kevlar Neodymium LF Drivers, giving this enclosure an output of 136.3 dB (peak), enough SPL to match multiple 12” and 15” Point Series loudspeakers. The Point 215 Sub can also be used as a stand-alone product, paired with your existing system setup to supplement missing bottom-end. Be careful though, its size is deceiving and for best results use it with Point Series tops for any live and / or playback material. Even Blues, Hip-Hop, Rock’n’Roll or Metal are no challenge for this workhorse.

The Point 215 Sub is meant to be placed on the floor, or on stage, where it’s at its best. Should you want to array this sub, it comes with built-in 5/16 threads for eye hooks, and with an optional pole-mount base which allows SLR™ systems to attach to it via a pole-mount; otherwise this sub is rigging free.

A218 Sub 

Adamson’s A218 houses 2 ND18-S Kevlar Neodymium Sub-Bass drivers in a Front-Loaded Baltic Birch cabinet.  The sub is designed to be multi-purpose, and can provide low extension for many of our compact systems, such as the SpekTrix, Metrix or Point Series.

As with many of our other subwoofers, the A218 has two connection points (NL4) on both the front and the back of the cabinet, making cardioid setup easy and clean looking.

An optional Caster/Cover Kit is available for the cabinet to aid in moving and protecting the sub.



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