Adamson E-Rack

Adamson has developed a unified rack solution, configured to interface seamlessly with our line of loudspeaker products. All E-Racks are equipped with two or three Lab.gruppen PLM+ series amplifiers, featuring Lake processing and Dante™ audio networking functionality.


Audio Panel
The 19”, 2U Adamson Audio Panel is comprised of XLR in and thru connections (analog or AES/EBU), etherCON RJ45 connections (Dante™ and control) and both Speakon™ NL8 and Socapex output connections. Jumping signals from rack to rack is simple, and even Dante™ signals can be distributed to up to 3 E-Racks without the use of an additional switch.



AC Panel
The 19”, 2U Adamson AC Panel is available in two versions – 120 V and 230 V. The 120 V version comes with a single 3-phase L21-30 input socket, and the 230 V version comes with CEE 32 A 3-phase input and link connections. Each version comes with three hard-wired 32 A Powercon™ connections, as well as auxillary power plugs.



Cisco SG300-20
The SG300-20 exceeds the performance benchmark set by Audinate. Adamson has adopted its use along with specific configuratons designed to optimize transmission of Dante™ signals and Lake control data.