Earthworks manufactures High Definition Microphones™ and preamplifiers that are handmade and expertly tuned to sonic perfection. Each Earthworks microphone has a fifteen year warranty and is hand tuned and built in our Milford, New Hampshire facility.

Earthworks Audio was originally founded to design and manufacture audiophile loudspeakers. David Blackmer’s goal when starting the company was to make the best sounding speakers on the planet. While we no longer make the loudspeakers, the scientific and artistic principles that David first envisioned when the journey began can still be seen in our microphones.

Our microphones are able to capture and reproduce a soundstage so deep and wide that if you close your eyes you can “see” the music in front of you. Microphones that present transients so smooth you can feel the rosin on the bow as it plays across the violin. The unique design allows the timbre of all instruments to be translated so accurately that your “sixth” sense creates their presence right in front of you.