Stagesmarts’in SmartPDU -virranjakeluyksikkö takaa esityksen jatkuvuuden ja nollan katkeamattomuuden.

Ruotsalaisen StageSmartsin valmistama SmartPDU  tuo täysin uutta tekniikkaa sähkökeskuksiin ja taipuu etämonitorointiin.





  • Nolla (N)-suoja tuo turvallisuutta ja varmuutta
  • magneettiset, lämpötilaan ja pölyyn reagoimattomat RCBO-sulakkeet kestävät kuormitusta enemmän
  • keskuksen takapuolen modulaariset output-paneelit helpottavat työskentelyä.


Katso SmartPDU-esite







“We are a small and privately owned company, founded by Mats Karlsson and Erik Davidson in 2015. Since the very beginning, our mission has been to create world-class products that make a real difference.

Our focus is on power and power distribution, the essential and critical foundation for all the technology used in the rental and staging industry. We saw the need for a much overdue improvement, creating a vastly better solution that meets the needs of today’s large and highly complex lighting, audio and video systems.

We believe that products and solutions should be designed for the purpose, using the best available technology and conforming to all international standards. We take pride in designing and manufacturing to the highest standards because we believe this brings the longest lasting value to our customers.

We make a difference by providing a better solution, one that serves and protects, keeps your equipment and people safe.”