msonics Live Sound category is handled by Antti Tuoriniemi from June 26th

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Announcement 26.6.2020

msonics Live Sound brands contact, Tero Hölttä, will be facing new challenges as an entrepreneur from now on. We thank Tero for his msonic journey of over 10 years and wish him favourable winds on the seas of entrepreneurship!

From June 26th onwards msonics Live Sound category is handled by Antti Tuoriniemi. Antti is
well versed on the solutions for live productions, he is also a certified service technician.
Antti has worked on the msonics live-team from april 2019.

msonic is an authorized ADAMSON importer and partner

Antti is glad to answer any question concerning msonics Live Sound category also during July.
Mika Sopanen is responsible of logistics and orders. Ossi Männikkö will remain the expert of
Avid live products.

We’ll have more news of our live product staff in August.

  • Antti Tuoriniemi’s contact info: | +358401260727

msonics Live Sound brands are, among others:

  • Adamson
  • Avid Venue
  • DirectOut
  • Earthworks
  • Klang Technologies
  • LEA Professional
  • Sonance
  • Telefunken


We will arrange Adamson Point Source Demo Tour followed by heavy Adamson Line Array demostrations within few months. More detailed information will be as soon as possible.

More info and enquiries:

Antti Tuoriniemi, Pro Audio Sales Manager, | puh. +358401260727

Mikko Palomäki, Chairman of the board, | puh. +358404180068