msonic Ääntä, valoa ja hyvää meininkiä
Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Facebook post by HIGH END SYSTEMS

“I really liked the LED engine in the SolaSpots, and was impressed on how white it was. They seemed to have enough horsepower to compete with what I normally use, and in considering cost, weight and power consumption, I found it to be a very good option. We have 11 electrics over the stage that hold a few of the SolaWash 19’s and all of the PRG gear. Out in the house flanking the scoreboard are the balance of the SolaWash 19’s as well as Icons and Sharpys. We have more Icons built into the stage deck, and its’ upstage ledge holds another 18 SolaSpots as well as all six of the projectors.” Guy Pavelo
Drake's 'Summer Sixteen' Tour - PLSN

Music fans hungry to see Drake and Future perform their hits this year are being given a gourmet experience on the “Summer Sixteen” tour, which extends into autumn with the help from a mind-blowing production design by LD Guy Pavelo and tour director Steve Kidd of GP-SK Design & Production. With sup...

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