msonic Ääntä, valoa ja hyvää meininkiä
Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

The transparent walls of our workshop wake up with the good morning of Julia. Between pieces she welcomes the curious ones of the neighborhood who approach to see her work. First she selects one by one the best wood, without knots, cracks or nicks. The roughness of the sandpapers polishes the edges carefully so that they fit perfectly. She tightens the three screws, a brushstroke to remove the chips of sawdust and she places it in its box. This is a small part of our day to day in the workshop, but what we in fact do at Shoulderpod is make products to help tell stories. Stories like this or, why not, like yours. Get to know Julia at the Shoulderpod factory in the following video and be encouraged to tell your story. Learn more on our Journal, link in bio.


msonic oy on pro audio- ja ammattivalaistustuotteiden maahantuontiin ja tekniseen myyntiin erikoistunut yritys. Edustamme maailmalta tarkkaan valittuja huipputason valmistajia.