msonic Ääntä, valoa ja hyvää meininkiä
Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

McDSP McDSP on vuonna 1998 Colin McDowellin perustama audio-ohjelmistoyritys Silicon Valleysta. Uraa-uurtavalla FilterBank –ekvalisaattori…  Lue lisää

How do you manage so many bands of limiting? It’s a SNAP - literally. Start playback, then press the SNAP button at a strong peak, and adjust band gains as needed. The active network keeps phase distortion to a minimum (or none if no active correction needed in signal level). Limiter modes for both 8-band limiter and final master limiter offer a wide variety of sonic variations. Just $99 for ML8000 Native only until 1/1/18! #mcdsp #ml8000 #recording #producer #studiolife #audioengineer #gogreen

Need to add some lo-fi, distortion, and noise to your tracks? FutzBox box is it!! Need to put that vocal or dialog through a cell phone, walkie-talkie, CB radio, or even a globe-shaped-speaker? FutzBox can do it and more with its collection of Synthetic Impulse Models (SIMs) - over 160 emulations of all kinds of devices! When it comes to sounding bad, FutzBox has the goods!!! Only $79 Native through 1/1/18! #mcdsp #futzbox #distortion #recordingstudio #fantasystudios #makemusic


msonic oy on pro audio- ja ammattivalaistustuotteiden maahantuontiin ja tekniseen myyntiin erikoistunut yritys. Edustamme maailmalta tarkkaan valittuja huipputason valmistajia.