msonic Ääntä, valoa ja hyvää meininkiä
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Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

#FlashbackFriday to Summer NAMM! We got to meet @topshelfmg who ended up recently writing a terrific review on the Arousor Rev 2.0! Thank-you Michael🙌! #Repost @topshelfmg (@get_repost) ・・・ Also at the Summer NAMM @wavedistro booth (335) is this awesome Empirical Labs exhibit (to the left of the @serpentaudiollc exhibit where I will be spending a lot of time). I've talked about the Distressor and Doc Derr channel strip before... both fantastic and innovative units, so let's go over the Mike-E EL-9 channel strip today! So this unit serves 4 purposes in one box... starting with an ultra clean and shockingly quiet microphone preamp (signal to noise exceeding 130dB) especially for a design that has a transformer coupled input (keeping it from ever becoming sterile). Plus it has a seemingly infinite frequency response and copious headroom, which never hurts. You also get an equally beautiful and clean DI, followed be an awesome compressor / saturation circuit similar to the what was used in the Distressor and the Fatso. That way, you can take that detailed and pristine preamp and add the vibe and warmth of all kinds of different vintage gear. You can fill in and warm up vocals, fatten up a bass DI or amp, give drums extra punch punch and snap, make acoustic instruments shimmer + sparkle, and just about anything else you can think of. There is also an emphasis feature for you to focus that saturation on different frequency points! And to tie it all together.. a wet/dry blend knob to mix the saturation and compression in with the clean preamp signal, creating seamless parallel processing. Tune in at 3pm CST tomorrow for the next @empiricallabs live stream on here... and I'll try to answer any questions you have about this and just about anything else you want to ask. Plus, it's looking like we may demo the Doc Derr channel strip as well! - Michael Frasinelli ---------------------------------------------------- #nashvillemusic #bassguitar #drumkit #recordingstudio #musicstudio #studiosession #proaudio #audioengineer #audioengineering #recording #mixing #mastering #master #analog #gearhead #compressor #microphone #preamp #hifi #singersongwriter #guitarplayer


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