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Uusia tuotteita Clay Pakylta Prolight + Sound 2016 -messuilla

Prolight + Sound 2016 -tapahtumassa Clay Paky esittelee seuraavat uutuustuotteensa ensi kertaa kansainväliselle yleisölle: moving head -valaisin Scenius Profile, Hepikos- sekä Sharbar -valaisimet. Lisäksi osastolla on oma kulmaus, jossa Clay Pakyn uudet arkkitehtuuriseen valaistukseen tarkoitetut valaisimet, mm. Odeon ovat esillä.

Clay Paky juhlistaa Prolight + Sound 2016 -messuilla 40-vuotista matkaansa. Ensimmäisen messupäivän iltana tiistaina 5.3. klo 19 osastolla järjesteään "Clay Paky party". Tule mukaan juhlimaan. Lisäksi osastolla starttaa noin 40 minuutin välein noin 10 min kestävä multimedia demo show. 



Scenius Profile is the new beam shaper at the top of the Clay Paky moving head range. The optical reflector has been designed spe- cifically for this product, in order to make the projection perfectly uniform across the whole beam opening, avoiding the typical hotspot effect of many spotlights.

Its advanced optical unit and the 1400W Osram discharge lamp pro- vide very high light output and CRI. The fixture produces a 6500 K color temperature; the white and colored light produced are of the highest quality. The colors may be added very smoothly and linearly, and cover a broad spectrum, even including pastel shades, thanks to a CMY sys- tem, a 7-color wheel and a linear CTO filter. Thanks to its wide 8°-50° zoom, Scenius Profile is perfect for every set. A modern focus tracking system concentrates maximum luminous ef- ficiency precisely on the effect you wish to project, and the focus may be set to be fully automatic.

Its framing system consists of 4 in- dependent overlapping blades that create shapes of all sizes, not just quadrangular, but also triangular. It works simultaneously on four differ- ent focal planes and the exclusive “curtain effect” allows gradual total closure of the shape using any one of the four blades. The shape made may also be turned around itself up to an angle of 90°, either to change its orientation or keep it fixed as the light beam moves. The framing op- portunities are further enhanced by using a fast, highly precise and ac- curate iris, allowing you to channel the projected light linearly into circu- lar shapes.

The Scenius has a soft-edge frost fil- ter (particularly useful when used on the gobos), and a newly developed frost filter for a highly effective wash- light effect. The effect section fea- tures 14 interchangeable gobos – 6 rotating and 8 fixed – a 4-facet rotat- ing prism, and stop-strobe effect.


  • 1400W Osram discharge lamp
  • 6500 K output color temperature
  • Very high CRI
  • New optical reflector to ensure
  • perfectly uniform beam projections
  • 8°- 50° zoom
  • Focus tracking system
  • CMY System + Linear CTO
  • 7-color wheel
  • Framing System operating on 4 focal planes
  • Framing System rotation on 90° • 14 gobos (6 rotating + 8 fixed) • 4-facet Rotating Prism
  • 16 blades fast Iris
  • Variable “soft edge” frost
  • Variable flood frost
  • Very precise 0-100% dimmer • Fast stop/strobe effect
  • Light can be run at 1400W or 1200W
  • Art-Net / RDM


39.5 Kg (87 lbs)
​mm (LxWxH): 410 x 442 x 760 inches (LxWxH): 16.14 x 17.4 x 29.92


Scenius Profile features a precision micromechanics framing system that ensures perfect repeatability and does away with continuous manual adjustments.

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Hepikos is an innovative Clay Paky washlight, which encloses all the most advanced optical, mechani- cal and electronic technology, char- acteristic of the most professional moving lights, in its highly compact body. The light is built around a new, extremely bright 700 W Osram lamp, and has a 5° - 40° zoom which pro- vides a bright, uniform wash effect at maximum beam angle.

The color production system in- cludes a CMY color mixing consist- ing of three wheels entirely devoted to producing single colors; however it also features two color wheels, each with 8 filters carefully selected by Clay Paky’s R&D on the basis of suggestions received from lighting designers. Strict quality control on in- coming materials assures near-zero tolerance rates on variations in the standard colors.

Hepikos is also an advanced multi- purpose light: thanks to its 185 mm diameter plano-convex front lens and its narrow 5° beam angle, it can produce a sharp, full-bodied beam, which may be used for striking aerial effects.

Some devices have been specially designed for this product: a me- chanical iris, which is able to alter the beam diameter in beam mode as desired to create columns of light of different sizes, right down to a pencil beam; a four-faced interchangeable rotating prism which modulates the visual effects by breaking the light up into several dynamic projections; a soft-edge frost filter which makes the edge of the projected light less sharp and produces the wash effect typical of a washlight with Fresnel lens.

Hepikos is ultimately a hybrid beam/ wash light, where both functions are optimised, rather than one weaken- ing the other. It is perfect for com- plementing the beam/spot effects produced by the Mythos, with which


  • 700W Osram discharge lamp

  • Optical Unit with extremely luminous efficiency

  • Large 185 mm diameter PC lens

  • 5°- 40° electronic zoom

  • Beam-Wash hybrid projector

  • Interchangeable 4-facet prism

  • CMY C olor Mixing

  • 2 wheels with 8 colors each

  • Interchangeable 4-facet rotating prism

  • Soft-edge frost

  • High Precision iris

  • Very Precise 0-100% dimmer and stop/strobe

  • Very compact and Energy saving projector

  • Art-Net / RDM

it shares the same chassis and the same 7800K lamp color tempera- ture.
You will love the Hepikos for its great performance, versatile optical unit, abundance of colors, compact size


29.3 Kg (64.6 lbs)
mm (LxWxH): 404 x 442 x 628
inches (LxWxH): 15.90 x 16.53 x 24.72

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True to its tradition, Clay Paky presents a light that creates never-seen-before effects. The SharBar is an advanced moving LED batten which allows light- ing designers to enhance their shows. Its first innovative feature lies in the light sources used. The SharBar fits six brand new powerful Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs. Each LED has a power rating of 30W, but takes up the same

amount of space as an old 10W LED. This has allowed Clay Paky to build a really powerful bar, which is also com- pact. The SharBar has a 240° motorised tilt with super fast, very smooth move- ments (240° in as little as 0.2 seconds). However the most stunning effects are those created by the special optical unit made by Clay Paky. It is equipped with a motorised optical zoom capable

of a minimum beam angle of only 2°. Thanks to its extraordinary lenses, the SharBar is able to produce six very nar- row, dense light beams. It is as if there were six beam lights shooting parallel beams into the air. No comparable LED bar is able to produce a similar effect. The SharBar may also be used to cre- ate sharp effects, even when projected onto a surface.


The optical unit coupled to each LED consists of a motorised system with double mirror. This means each beam of light may be directed independently of the others, thus adding a further degree of freedom to the bar besides the tilt. Each of the six light beams can move or be locked within a 60° (+/-30°) cone.

Thanks to this ingenious, original opti- cal unit, the LED bar produces an effect similar to six separate lights, which can work synchronously or asynchronously with respect to each other.

Even further creative freedom stems from the fact each LED has its own dedicated control for all its parameters: color, 16-bit intensity and 24 Hz strobe (1-20 flashes/second). The color is created through RGBW channels and the color temperature can be adjusted linearly, thanks to a dedi- cated CTO channel. Programming is made easy with a wide range of color, effect and movement macros.

The SharBar produces truly innovative lighting effects and stands out for its high light output and extremely concen- trated or diffuse beam. It can work in a horizontal or vertical array and produce endless combinations of fixed or mov- ing beams with countless colors at in- numerable angles.


  • Light source: 6 Osram Ostar LEDs driven at 30 Watts

  • It may be rigged in a horizontal or ver- tical array with constant spacing

  • 2° beam opening and motorised zoom

  • Double-mirror optical unit made by Clay Paky

  • Motorised 240° tilt

  • Independent RGBW system for each LED

  • CTO on dedicated channel

  • 16-bit dimmer and 24 Hz strobe (1-20 flash/second)

  • Control inputs: DMX cable, Art-Net on Ethernet

  • Standard input sockets: Powercon in/out, DMX in/out and Ethernet in/out (Art-Net protocol with internal switch) • User interface: graphic display with four buttons

  • Backup battery for continuous Ether-net power supply

  • Rotating bar structure: extruded alluminium heat sink with forced ventilation

  • Quick fit horizontal and vertical hooks for fitting together in arrays, with possible inward and outward rotation

  • Adjustable ground positioning pedestal

  • Sockets are arranged within the barstructure itself to prevent interference with adjacent trusses or bars when rotating


15 Kg (33 lbs)
mm (LxWxH): 1000 x 170 x 260 inches (LxWxH): 39.37 x 6.69 x 10.24

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